Energy Management

1. Assessment of plant configuration for optimum efficiency
2. Verification of power and water usage
3. Waste heat recovery
4. Recirculator/accumulator proportional level control systems
5. Ammonia pump D/P control and management system
6. Condenser control
7. System data logging, plant management controller with web based connectivity

VFD Drives and Soft-Starters

Energy efficient solutions from Emerson Control Techniques. Save energy, accurately control  systems and improve  performance with Control Techniques’ range of VFD (variable frequency drives).

Vilter® Single Screw Ammonia Heat Pumps - "Harness Your Heat... Don't reject it!"

• Convert Waste Heat to Hot Water, Up to 195° F (90° C)
• Reduce or Eliminate Hot Water Boilers
• Retrofit Existing Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
• High Coefficient of Performance (COP) at Full or Part Load

Heat pump white paper
Heat pump summary